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10 new art museums

10 New Art Museums You Need to Know About in 2022, Art & Object, October 2021

The art market turmoil of the past two years—including shutdowns, mask mandates, exhibition cancelations, and conflicts over deaccessioning—may look bad, but a rash of new museum openings internationally might be signalling a time of rebirth in the art world. Many of these major international building projects have been years in the making. After some delays, we can now celebrate and hope for a continued robust interest in art and the art world.

The new museums are:

> Munch Museum
> The Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement
> The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
> Bourse de Commerce: The Pinault Collection
> The Museum of North Vancouver
> Humboldt Forum Berlin
> The Museum of the Dog
> The Pudong Museum of Art
> M+1
> Art Preserve

View slide show of new museums here

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