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CAMD Executive

CAMD’s Executive leads and facilitates CAMD’s strategic program on behalf of the members and comprises the Chairperson, who Chair’s Executive and General Meetings, the Deputy Chairperson, the Treasurer, and not less than two and no more than four other CAMD members.

The executive members are elected during the Annual General Meeting, ensuring a democratic process and diverse representation. We are proud to have Mr Brian Oldman as the esteemed Chair of CAMD, providing exemplary leadership and guidance. 

Together with our dedicated executive members for 2023, CAMD is poised to continue fostering collaboration, excellence, and innovation within the museum sector.

CAMD Members

The Council of Australasian Museums (CAMD) comprises the leaders of 24 leading museums in Australia and New Zealand.  CAMD museums’ charters range from those with explicit focuses, such as social history (Sovereign Hill), governance (Museum of Australian Democracy), film and moving image (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and science education (Questacon & Scitech), to those with broad charters including social and cultural history, natural history and science and technology such as Te Papa, the Australian Museum and the Western Australian Museum.

Each museum offers a unique and captivating experience, featuring extensive collections, innovative exhibitions, and immersive programs that engage visitors of all ages. From art and science to history and indigenous culture, CAMD’s diverse members represent the pinnacle of excellence in the museum sector. 

We invite you to explore our members’ pages to discover the captivating stories and treasures that await you within these exceptional institutions.