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Anton Tagliaferro with Karly Ogden.

Scholarship for Australian students on Malta masters, Times of Malta, August 2017

Maltese-Australian businessman Anton Tagliaferro, founder of the TAG Foundation, is part-financing a scholarship offered by the Western Australia Maritime Museum for Australian students to enrol on a MA in Global Maritime Archaeology at the University of Malta. The course, run in collaboration with the Western Australia Museum, was launched last year, and besides Australian students it has also attracted international students from the UK and Germany.

Mr Tagliaferro recently visited Malta and met Karly Ogden – a history student from Western Australia – who was the first student to win the scholarship. TAG Foundation has agreed to sponsor another Australian student for the 2017-18 course at the University of Malta.

Course director Dr Timmy Gambin said: “Thanks to this support Malta will continue to establish itself as centre of excellence in the fields of maritime archaeology and maritime studies.” Mr Tagliaferro commented: “It is a pleasure to see the University of Malta offering a specialised course of this calibre. Malta is an ideal place to study a postgraduate degree in maritime archaeology given the excellent teaching facilities at the University and the fact that Malta is surrounded by the Mediterranean, which for thousands of years was the centre of so many historical events.

He added: “I am always happy to get involved in projects that bring my country of birth – Malta, and my country of citizenship – Australia, closer together. I am really delighted to work, through the TAG Foundation, with the Western Australia Maritime Museum to provide this opportunity to Australian students keen to specialise in this area to study at the University of Malta.”