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AAS Strategic Plan 2023-28 connecting

AAS Strategic plan 2023 -2028, Australian Academy of Science, June 2024

Strategic Plan 2023–2028: Download the Academy’s Strategic Plan, and read more about the plan below.


Who we are

The Australian Academy of Science is an independent organisation of distinguished Australian scientists, championing science for the benefit of all.


To advance Australia as a nation that embraces scientific knowledge and whose people enjoy the benefits of science.

Key challenge

Delivering sought after science advice that influences Australians’ actions and contributes to global science.


The Academy reflects organisational values that earn and sustain trust. These values guide our operations and engagements and will underpin the delivery of this plan. The Academy is independent, non-partisan and ethical; acts with integrity, honesty and transparency; supports diversity and inclusion; and is respectful of sources of knowledge, such as those of First Nations people.


Scientific leadership 

As a Fellowship of Australia’s most eminent scientists, with links to the best of Australian and international scientific expertise the Academy has an aspiration and a responsibility to provide science leadership. The Academy will:

  • act as a knowledge broker providing impartial scientific advice to government and beyond and represent the gold standard for evidence-informed decision-making.
  • undertake sustained, evidence-based advocacy to advance science and positively influence those who frame policy for science
  • establish a dialogue with business leaders and key decision-makers on issues of national relevance where science has an important perspective to contribute
  • support the ‘science pipeline’ including advocating for quality STEM education outcomes and a healthy work environment for scientists and researchers, in particular early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs)
  • pursue strategic international engagement to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration with key global science bodies and international partners.


Sustained strategic engagement 

Well-designed, sustained engagement is essential for the Academy to be effective in its mission. This will involve:

  • strengthening and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers in government at all levels
  • the Academy differentiating its role while improving coordination with other academies and advocates, both domestically and internationally
  • amplifying a united voice for science and coordinating with others to maximise impact and eliminate duplication
  • establishing new partnerships and engaging potential donors to support and extend the capacity of the Academy to fulfil its objectives.


Mobilising and transforming the Academy

The Fellowship is the heart of the Academy. It embodies the Academy’s expertise and capability and drives its priorities and operations. Utilising the unique capabilities of the Fellowship, whilst maintaining a commitment to scientific excellence, the Academy will:

  • create a more diverse and inclusive Fellowship
  • mobilise the capability of the Fellowship through expanded involvement in Academy projects, support for activities in the states and territories and greater utilisation of online fora
  • ensure strong and decisive Academy leadership and governance
  • pursue organisational renewal and better structural alignment with priorities
  • grow and diversify the Academy’s revenue base and manage its resources sustainably
  • manage, maintain and celebrate the legacy of Fellows embodied in the Academy’s archives and collections.



The key objectives related to these priorities are:

Excellence: Identify and support excellence in science

Advice and Advocacy: Facilitate evidence-informed decision-making in government and beyond, creating an environment where science can thrive

Partnerships: Build and sustain international and domestic partnerships and engagement to further science

Engagement: Communicate the value and benefits of science to decision-makers and the wider community

These objectives are underpinned by strong governance and organisational effectiveness.