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ACMI curates Universal Everything’s Beings

Creative Victoria, Beings exhibition springs to life at ACMI, Victoria State Government, 26 June 2024

Beings exhibition springs to life at ACMI. Click here to view video.

Bringing together cutting-edge visual effects, digital games technology, algorithms, art and a whole lot of fun, Beings, by international art and design collective Universal Everything invites visitors of all ages to move, dance and interact with a series of curious digital characters.

Beings features 13 largescale interactive digital artworks projected on supersized screens. As visitors walk through the exhibition, the parade of fantastical beings grow and change in response to visitors’ movement, while hypnotically morphing and altering form and textures, from kaleidoscopic fur to molten lava, water molecules, and more.

The more you move, the more they spring to life!

Created from ever-evolving algorithms, the artworks respond differently to each interaction so that no 2 visits are the same.

ACMI Executive Director of Programming Keri Elmsly said: ‘This collection of artworks is not static, they’re generative and interactive; the more times you visit the more you can see – the more beings you can convene with. The artists have developed the interactive works in such a way that they only come to life when people are part of the works, and each comes alive uniquely for each person. ACMI’s curation of Beings is Universal Everything’s largest exhibition to date, and marks their 20th year developing joyful, interactive works.’

In addition to work on screens visitors will see sketches and concept drawings that uncover the creative process and ‘soulful’ technology behind Universal Everything’s mesmerising artworks.

Beings is complemented by a suite of exhibition programs at ACMI: a talk with UE’s Interactive Creative Director, Joel Gethin; a participatory dance experience by Deep Soulful Sweats; ACMI Nights; and ACMI Preschoolers – interactive, movement and play-based sessions for children aged three to five years.

ACMI’s world premiere exhibition Beings, by international art and design collective Universal Everything, is open now until 29 September 2024.

For more information, visit Beings.