ACMI & Melbourne Cinémathèque offer Virtual

Virtual Cinémathèque, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, March 2020

Missing Melbourne Cinémathèque already? Join us for a weekly movie night from the comfort of your own home

Starting Tuesday 24 March 2020 FREE Anywhere with a decent Internet connection

As we respond to a changing world, and to help curb the spread of COVID-19, ACMI and the Melbourne Cinémathèque have decided to temporarily suspend screenings at The Capitol.

But don’t despair. We’ve decided to launch our own Virtual Cinémathèque, inspired by  the American initiative, Remote Viewing Cinema.

We know this can’t replace the joy of being in the cinema but why not join us for a weekly movie night at home?

Our Virtual Cinémathèque won’t replicate seasons slated for the 2020 Melbourne Cinémathèque but wherever possible we’ll try to stick to the weekly calendar format of double bills that showcase classic and contemporary films on specific directors, performers or a thematic.

Every Tuesday we’ll release details of our weekly Virtual Cinémathèque via ACMI & Melbourne Cinémathèque social media (see links below).

The films will be chosen by the Melbourne Cinémathèque Committee and ACMI’s Film Department and where possible, we’ll have accompanying annotations and introductions for screenings.

We’ll do our best to choose from freely available and accessible platforms – and for those of you who want to recreate the communal experience of watching as a collective – there is a free program called Metastream that allows you to invite your friends to watch at the same time, from your respective homes.

We hope that our Virtual Cinémathèque allows you to stay entertained and feel connected while we navigate these strange days.

We will be announcing the details of our film selections every Tuesday on ACMI’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram, or Melbourne Cinémathèque’s Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to follow us.