Agenda conferences 2016

Welcome reception for Agenda’s CTM 15 at Istanbul Archaeological Museums. Courtesy: Amir Baradaran. Photo: Pinar Lauridsen.

Agenda’s Year ahead for 2016 – 4 conferences in 4 different cities

New Year is fast approaching and it’s time to announce next year’s conferences.

2016 is going to be a special year for Agenda. We are travelling all over the globe to bring engaging talks and innovative ideas to a city near you. From Paris to Sydney and from Berlin to Canada, Culture Business and Communicating the Museum are getting bigger and better.

Join the debate, embrace the future of the museum world.

Two culture business conferences – Paris and Sydney

For the 5th edition of Culture Business, 200 companies, startups, advertising agencies, art foundations and public organisations from Europe will gather to share new business models and best practices in fundraising and international marketing. Our objective is to inspire the cultural world with successful entrepreneurial methods and to work as a team in new creative ways.

Culture Business Paris 
“Les Nouveaux Entrepeneurs”
4-5 February 2016
CELSA University Paris-Sorbonne

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After Communicating the Museum in 2014, we are back in Sydney to host the international Culture Business conference in Australia for the first time. 200 international art, business and museum professionals in charge of sponsorship, finance, business development, memberships and merchandising will unveil the key strategies of successful fundraising.

Culture Business Sydney
“The Art of Fundraising”
22-23 March 2016
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

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Two Communicating the Museum Conferences – Berlin and Canada

For the first time in Agenda’s history, two Communicating the Museum conferences will take place in 2016. For the 16th edition of the conference, we are heading to one of the most culturally dynamic cities in Europe, Berlin.

CTM16 Berlin
12 – 15 July 2016

The CTM journey doesn’t end here as we then travel to Canada for the 17th edition of the conference. Host city and dates will be announced very shortly, stay tuned!

CTM16 Canada
November 2016