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Alex Marsden, Natl Dir, AMaGa stepping down

Media Statement, Alex Marsden stepping down as National Director of the Australian Museums and Galleries Association, Australian Museums and Galleries Association, 18 September 2020

Alex Marsden stepping down as National Director of Australian Museums and Galleries Association. Source: AMaGA.

AMaGA president, Dr Robin Hirst, said “Alex has made an extraordinary contribution to AMaGA and put her heart and soul into the welfare of our members and advocacy for all.

Over the last five and a half years, as the national director there have been many accomplishments – the First Peoples 10-year Roadmap, the establishment of the GLAM Peak coalition to focus on national digital access to collections, the strategic review and subsequent refocusing and rebranding of our association, and AMaGA’s national professional development program, to name just a few.”

Dr Hirst added “The impact of COVID-19 has shown the value and effectiveness of AMaGA as a strong national membership-focused organisation as well as a peak advocacy and industry body. We have Alex to thank in leading the organisation with skill and compassion in these troubled times.

Alex will be greatly missed by all at AMaGA and her colleagues and collaborators throughout the cultural sector, and we wish her every future success as she embarks on new ventures.”

Marsden said “It has been a joy and a privilege to work with and represent our wonderful range of individual and organisational members, and especially with those who volunteer for our national council, state and territory branch committees, and national networks.

She added “It’s a time of reflection for many leaders at the moment, recognising what we set out to achieve, and now giving other people opportunities and our organisations new leadership. I have great confidence in AMaGA’s future.”

AMaGA will soon be advertising this rare opportunity to take up the national leadership role and have accepted Alex’s offer to continue as national director while recruitment is underway, so that there is no gap in the relevant activities, projects and advocacy.

Contact: Robin Hirst / Alex Marsden 02 6230 0346