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AMAGA elects Council for 2021-23

National Council 2021-2023, Australian Museums & Galleries Association, 10 June 2021

Announcing the National Council for 2021-2023

Seb Chan

Vice President
Julie Baird
Newcastle Museum

Craig Middleton
National Museum of Australia

David Perceval
Radford College

Ordinary Members

Cameron Auty Indigo Shire Council
Nina Earl MAAS
Vick Gwyn National Film and Sound Archive
Lynda Kelly Consultant
Jane King John Curtin University
Janice Reiger Queensland University of Technology

Marcus Hughes and one other Indigenous councillor will be co-opted at the first National Council meeting.

As Robin Hirst stood down as President he stated that the goal for any President and Council is to ‘leave the organisation in the best position possible for the future’ but that it is ‘time for a refresh’.

After the new council was announced Julie Baird took the Chair (in lieu of Seb Chan who was stuck in Melbourne lockdown), she thanked the outgoing Council for their incredible work, especially the launch of the Indigenous Roadmap, and announced ‘Welcome to the future!’


L-R: Nina Earl, Cameron Auty, Lynda Kelly, Vick Gwyn, Julie Baird, Craig Middleton were able to attend the AGM.

We offer many thanks to the outgoing council for seeing AMaGA successfully through so much upheaval and change over the last 2-4 years.

L-R: Outgoing executive Simon Elliott, Marg Lovell, Robin Hirst, Carol Cartwright.