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Assist in the management, research, development, documentation, display and interpretation of MAGNT’s Territory history collections. The position will work collaboratively with colleagues in both the care of the Territory history collections, as well as the development of exhibitions, public programs and communications that engage these collections.

Key responsibilities

  1. Provide intellectual and curatorial expertise in relation to Territory history.
  2. Conduct research on the Territory history collections and produce documentation that enhances interpretation and knowledge of these collections in a variety of formats for different audiences.
  3. Undertake assessment and cataloguing of the Territory history collections and monitor display, valuation, conservation and restoration activities.
  4. Maintain the accuracy and integrity of administrative and other records relevant to the development and management of the Territory history collections through MAGNT databases and systems.
  5. Work on agreed outcomes that ensure that more people are able to learn about and enjoy MAGNT sites, stories and collections using innovative interpretation outcomes and various delivery techniques to engage specific audiences.
  6. Help to ensure that projects are professionally researched, managed, creatively produced and evaluated to involve and build diverse audiences.

Develop and interpret the Territory history collections, including preparation of acquisition proposals and documentation relating to the collection in accordance with the MAGNT collection policy and procedures

​Applications must be submitted via email to [email protected]

For more information or to apply visit the MAGNT website.