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Tamaki Paenga Hira: Tui tui hono tangata, whenua me te moana.

Ko Tamaki Paenga Hira, hewaengarahi ake, he ngakau mahaki mo te kaitiakitanga taonga pu korero, pakiwaitara, korero tipua ano hoki mai i nga kai para korero.

Auckland Museum is an influential, much-loved organisation at the centre of Auckland’s identity, committed to developing and sharing engaging content through its galleries, exhibitions, events and educational programmes.

This is an exceptional opportunity; the successful candidate will bring with them public programming expertise to drive engaging, innovative and relevant experiences for diverse audiences.

They will be responsible for the development and delivery of an integrated public programme that is strong at our core, shared and connected through digital channels and alive in Auckland communities.

Key accountabilities include;

  • The application of creativity and expertise to develop and manage public programmes in line with the museum’s audience development and engagement strategy.
  • Using a community empowered approach to audience development and engagement that connects people and communities to the Museum, its collections and knowledge.
  • Ensuring the Maori Dimension (He Korahi Maori) and Pacific Dimension (Teu le Va) are embedded into audience development and engagement programmes.
  • Embedding future-thinking ideas and creativity to ensure excellence and innovation in the area of audience development and engagement.
  • Identifying and forming partnerships with organisations, agencies and individuals to develop a range of innovative public programming.
  • Fostering participation and collaboration that will strengthen and deepen our relationship with the many diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds of the Museum’s audiences.
  • Ensuring the contribution of artist, designers, actors, scientists, community experts, knowledge holders and other professionals in the design and delivery of public programmes.
  • Contribution to special exhibitions and gallery renewal as part of a dynamic Learning and Engagement team.

To be successful in this role you will have;

  • A minimum of two to three years’ experience in public programming and community participation.
  • Proven experience in developing and managing inspirational and transformational public programmes that are relevant to audiences.
  • Proven experience of embedding M?ori tikanga and Pacific dimensions into public programming.
  • Excellent pronunciation of Te Reo Maori; a high level of competency in Maori, a Pacific language, or another language would be very desirable.
  • Proven experience in developing and managing complex public programmes that target and attract diverse audiences.
  • Proven experience at working with communities to co-create, co-develop, and co-deliver public programmes.
  • A wide range of relevant networks and partnerships established throughout Auckland.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a cross functional team environment.

To apply for this job, please apply online or go to our job site and enter the job code 11071.

You must be eligible to work in NZ to apply for this position.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to be part of a fabulous New Zealand organisation committed to telling our national and Auckland stories and reflecting our unique place in the South Pacific.