Australian Cabinet Reshuffle

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Angus Taylor. Source: Office of Angus Taylor.

Renai LeMay, Turnbull’s Digital Transformation Office gets a new Minister, Delimiter, 15 February 2016

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have stripped responsibility for digital government policy from his Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and handed it to a neophyte MP, in a move that appears set to give the Prime Minister’s Digital Transformation Office a new overseer.

Then-Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull established the agency early in 2015 with the intent of transforming the Government’s online interaction with the public. It is tasked with using technology to develop “simpler, clearer, faster public services” and is working on a number of substantial IT projects across the Federal Government and even interacting with some state and territorial agencies.

When Turnbull became Prime Minister in August 2015, he appeared to take ultimate responsibility for the DTO into his Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. At the time, he also allocated some responsibility for the agency to Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, appointing the Liberal Senator as Minister assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Government.

However, in the latest Cabinet reshuffle announced over the weekend, Turnbull appears to have removed Fifield’s Digital Government responsibilities and handed them to Liberal MP Angus Taylor, who will now serve as the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister with special responsibility for Cities and Digital Transformation.

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