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Best Website in Australia

The Western Australian Museum’s award winning website.

‘What’s the best website in Australia? You may be surprised…’ Techly 28 November 2014

Earlier this month, the Western Australian Museum website won the McFarlane Prize for the most outstanding website in Australia at this year’s Australian Web Awards.

The creative team behind the website, Equilibrium, an ad agency based in WA, was awarded the industry’s top prize.

I believe the word to describe this year’s greatest website in Australia would be ‘minimalist’; the simple white square-ish background design along with its super-clean font perfectly depicts the minimalist style of design.

The website is unbelievably user friendly and packed with useful information – it not only publishes news articles related to the WA Museum, it also releases the background stories associated with the week’s exhibition. You will find some very informative and interesting stories there.

Viewers can also visit the website’s online exhibitions, depicting some really good artworks as well as the artists’ thoughts and interesting stories behind their works. Furthermore, the website has a blog where the writers cover interesting features and fascinating findings that occur in Western Australia.

“What’s great about the Australian industry is that quality work comes from all quarters,” said Bret Treasure, the chairman of the Australian Web Industry Association. “Small agencies, clients with in-house teams and even individuals, all took out awards. You don’t have to be a large company or organisation to compete.”

For those who love history or are simply interested in visiting the Best Website in Australia, you can check out the Western Australian Museum page here.