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Bringing field diaries to life

A photograph from Graham Brown’s field diary: Mt Rufus, Tasmania (1949). Source: Museum Victoria.

MV Field diaries go digital

Museum Victoria has started a crowd-sourcing project to transcribe the field diaries in its vast collection’s archives.

The boxes of archives include field diaries of past curators and collection managers, produced on scientific expeditions to explore, research and discover the natural history of Australia, and beyond.

The project involves digitising and uploading each page into DigiVol, the Atlas of Living Australia’s volunteer transcription portal that was developed in collaboration with the Australian Museum, including the most recent transcription project – Allan McEvey’s field diary of his expedition to Macquarie Island in 1957.

More information can be found at the DigiVol website.

Other DigiVol projects with CAMD members can be seen here.