Director: Ms Mary Mulcahy

Mary Mulcahy is the Director of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG). Mary has over 30 years of experience in the research, education and experiential museum sectors, with a particular focus on developing highly effective communication and education programs to build scientific awareness and understanding.


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) is Tasmania’s leading natural and cultural heritage organisation. It is a combined museum, art gallery and herbarium which safeguards the physical evidence of Tasmania’s natural and cultural heritage, and the cultural identity of Tasmanians.

TMAG is Australia’s second-oldest museum and has its origins in the collections of Australia’s oldest scientific society, the Royal Society of Tasmania, established in 1843. The first permanent home of the museum opened on the corner of Argyle and Macquarie streets in 1863 and the museum has gradually expanded from this corner to occupy the entire city block.

At TMAG we care for the State Collections of Tasmania: almost 800,000 objects as diverse as fossils and fine art. Our collections represent the essence of our society’s values and are a major reference point for Tasmanians to gain a greater appreciation of what it means to be Tasmanian and to understand our place within the global community.

All photos courtesy of the TASMANIAN MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY