Collection Manager, Collection Management Systems

You will administer and maintain the QMN Collection Management System (CMS) for the benefit of the Queensland Museum and the public.

Job details

A bachelor degree or higher qualification in a field relevant to the position.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide ongoing training and support for users of the CMS at all QMN campuses.
  • Liaise with the CMS software vendor to ensure that the QMN’s requirements are met in regard to maintenance and specific user requirements.
  • Implement a program of data verification to facilitate statutory collection audit requirements.
  • Contribute to business improvement activities ensuring relevant policies, procedures and guidelines meet best practice and QMS requirements. This includes a continuous improvement cycle for feedback, raising concerns and generating solutions
  • Participate in internal committees, projects and working groups while collaborating with other teams across QMS.
  • Liaise with other government agencies in order to meet standards for sharing of collection data and provide data as required.
  • Maintain a practical working knowledge of curatorial and collection management activities throughout the Museum, in order to provide advice to the Head, Collection Services.
  • Work effectively with colleagues and peers while contributing to a productive and positive work environment in times of change and uncertainty.
  • Contribute to the safety culture of QMN by reporting all incidents and hazards and ensuring work is undertaken in the safest way possible, following all QMN WHS policies/procedures and guidelines relevant to the job. Undertake all relevant responsibilities identified in the QMN WHS Accountabilities and Responsibilities Matrix.

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