Major Duties

  • Provide media advice on key issues affecting the TMAG and manage the TMAG’s media requirements to ensure that services, initiatives, and programs are communicated effectively and that there is a high level of coordination for media opportunities, events, and public responses.
  • Design, produce, implement and review creative communication and marketing strategies in line with TMAG business goals and within given resources to increase TMAG brand equity.
  • Provide high-level support and advice to the Director and Executive on departmental communication policies and other communication matters to enable TMAG to deliver strong and consistent messages that enhance public understanding of TMAG’s role and reputation.
  • Develop and write corporate compliant communication plans, government briefs, media releases, and public relations material that align with TMAG Board strategies where required.
  • Coordinate exhibition openings through internal operational staff teams.
  • Regularly review and refine internal communication mechanisms that allow for smooth communication between staff who work in a complex seven-day-a-week operation of permanent, part-time, and casual rostered staff. Regularly review and refine.
  • Supervise the preparation of material for the purposes of publication, including copy editing and the provision of TMAG marketing and exhibition collateral in conjunction with Graphic Designer
  • Manage the human resources, budgets, and financial services of TMAG’s communications unit.
  • Undertake special projects as identified by the Deputy Director as required.

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