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Communicating the Museum

The following information has been provided by the ‘Communicating the Museum’ Conference team.  The conference will be held in Sydney, 4-8 November 2014; Melbourne 9-11 2014:

We have invited some of the most optimistic cultural experts to share their visions with you.

Join Jennifer Blunden at Communicating the Museum for a fresh look at how we make meaning through language. Jennifer will draw on her experiences whilst working at The Metropolitan Museum of Arts and provide you with the right tools to successfully convey meaning to your audiences.

Shaping Meaning through Language and Multimodality

The more we embrace new media, the more we also use words. Spoken or written, in person or in print, on walls, pages and screens, language is playing an increasingly important and pervasive role in the museum experience, and the development of language-based texts has become an increasingly significant part of the work of many museum professionals.

This action-packed workshop draws on emerging research and a recent ‘linguist-in-residence’ fellowship project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take a fresh look at how we make meaning through language and build practical skills for working with language across the range of modes and media used in museums today and into the future.

The workshop will be structured around three main aims:

1. Building firm foundations
2. Developing sharper eyes
3. Honing strong and flexible writing skills

Delegates are invited to bring along a short text from their museum or gallery to deconstruct during the workshop.

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Take advantage of your time in Sydney and meet with key Australian Museum Directors, CEOs and their senior staff. To register, please send this form to Clemence Ferry [email protected]


The Conference Program and full details can be accessed here.