Creating Impact in museums

MGNSW Seminar

Museums & Galleries of NSW and Sydney Living Museums (SLM) hosted a seminar exploring the topic of Impact in the museum and gallery sector on 20 August 2014.


Museums and galleries are no longer seen as just repositories of information and objects but are now viewed as social hubs with links to community at a local, national and international level. This broadening of roles has resulted in institutions needing to be more responsive to a wide range of stakeholders by demonstrating the impact they have on people’s lives and the community and economic value they create through programs and participation.

This seminar brought together a range of professionals and practitioners in the museum, visual art and cultural sectors to showcase presentations investigating the issues surrounding museum and gallery impact.


8:55 Dr Jody Evans, Associate Professor in Marketing, Melbourne Business School
The impact narrative: A critical component of the museum brand

29:12 Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon , Assistant Director, Creative Services, Sydney Living Museums & Julie Turpie, Assistant Director, Commercial and Marketing Services, Sydney Living Museums  Making a bigger entrance – digital and audience cut-through with a major program initiative across 12 Sydney Living Museums

1:22:23 Zoe Rodriguez, Cultural Fund and Writer Manager, Copyright Agency
Assessing cultural, social and economic impact with the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund

1:35:24 Rachel Healy, Executive Manager – Culture, City of Sydney
The City of Sydney Cultural Policy

2:01:00 Dr Zanny Begg, artist, theorist and curator
Art, social impact and audience engagement

Video highlights of the sessions can be viewed here.