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Creative Industries replaces Arts

Melbourne Museum Photo: Meredith Foley

Michaela Boland, ‘Arts becomes Creative Industries under premier Daniel Andrews’, The Australian 9 December 2014

LAST week Victoria’s new Labor premier Daniel Andrews junked the longstanding tradition of Labor ministries by ditching the arts portfolio.

In a state that has long boasted of being the nation’s arts capital, Arts Victoria no longer exists.

It has been rolled into a super ministry alongside film and multimedia technologies under the title of Creative Victoria.

Long-time opposition arts spokesman Martin Foley is the new Creative Industries minister in addition to having the port­folios of housing and disability, ageing and mental health.

Foley says Arts Victoria was established 40 years ago and the new portfolio will modernise thinking about cultural capital in a way that wasn’t possible before.

“It’s not a diminution of arts and culture, it’s a 21st-century model of giving arts another string to its bow,” he says.

“How do you reform in a new world where there are so many cross-disciplines, cross-platforms? This can take those sectors to a new level.”

The new mega department will develop a cultural policy intended to bring coherence to the sector.

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