Culture and Health

Arts and Health in Victoria
Source: Victorian Department of Health, 10 Sept. 2014

There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the profound and powerful effect the arts can have on our mental and physical well-being, and on the delivery of better health results and services to patients across Victoria. Everyone who has ever sung in the shower, created (or admired) a masterpiece or laughed through a comedy show, will appreciate that the arts can make you feel good.

This has been recognised collectively by Australia’s Arts Ministers and Health Ministers, who have worked to develop a National Arts and Health Framework that promotes the health benefits of the arts, champions collaborations between the arts and health sectors, encourages continuing research, and values the work and professionalism of those working in this field.

The arts can provide an innovative new approach to delivering positive health outcomes. To show this State’s continuing leadership in innovation in health, the Victorian Government has set up an arts and health website – based on the National Framework – as a resource for arts and health practitioners.

This resource includes useful contacts and opportunities, as well as examples of best practice in Victoria demonstrating creative approaches to achieving good health outcomes.

Visit the Victorian Arts and Health website here to read about ‘The Memory Box’ – a Museum of Victoria outreach program designed specifically for Alzheimer and dementia audiences.