Culture Business Canberra 2018 conference

Culture Business Canberra – The Art of Fundraising, Agenda, July 2018

20 to 22 November 2018, National Gallery of Australia

Funding is arguably the most urgent topic in the arts sector today. Culture Business – the world’s leading international conference dedicated to fundraising in the arts sector – will tackle the big questions facing arts fundraising, equipping participants with the competitive edge to ensure long-term stability in the arts.

Taking place at the National Gallery of Australia 20 to 22 November 2018, Culture Business will bring together an impressive list of fundraising experts, arts innovators and corporate strategists in business and the arts from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. More than 200 arts professionals are expected to attend from across the country and overseas, covering all art forms including museums and galleries, performing arts and festivals.

The conference program will cover every aspect of fundraising in the arts: from philanthropy to membership, online retail, communications, corporate sponsorship, and government funding. The panel of local and international speakers also extends beyond the arts, to include high-profile leaders in areas such as technology, business, and corporate sponsorship.


At CB Canberra we tackle the big questions facing arts fundraisers today.

How does one prospect, cultivate and retain a corporate sponsor? How can a crisis be transformed into an opportunity? What are the steps involved in designing, adopting and sticking to an effective long-term fundraising strategy that is both stable and reactive? How can we best engage with our boards and committees?

Culture Business will focus on corporate sponsorship, philanthropy, development staffing models and new business models for revenue generation to provide fundraisers with the tools to take their fundraising to the next level.

Speakers and Participants

Culture Business attracts CEO’s, development directors, corporate partnership managers, philanthropy managers and marketing, communications and business development professionals in the arts sector. CB Canberra will bring together prominent speakers from galleries, museums, biennales, the performing arts, foundations, business and luxury groups around the world.

Hear from sponsors, philanthropists, board members and experts in fundraising as we share the best practices from all over the world.

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