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The key duties of the position include:

Reporting to the Head of Knowledge you will provide expert advice in the area of historic and contemporary maritime art. You will collaborate with several other curators and takes a prominent role in the museum’s Acquisitions Committee and in leading funding and high-level donation opportunities in their area of expertise.

A key focus of this position in the short-medium term will be the conception and oversight of a ten-year program of collaborative events and exhibitions in support of the UNESCO Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development together with the following:

Developing the collections and collecting areas of maritime art and master narrative theme – confronting the sea

The ideal candidate will have:

Knowledge of digital and new media: best practices, industry standards and how to reach and engage new audiences and skills in storytelling and directing the curation of unique and engaging digital experiences both online and in-museum.

For more information or to apply visit: JobsAPS.