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Dinosaur Island

A frame from the film Dinosaur Island, created by director and animator Matt Drummond.

Ben Pike, My dream to set dinosaurs loose on city, Daily Telegraph, 25 January 2015

IT was a boyhood vision forged between growing up in the prehistoric landscape of the Blue Mountains and visiting the halls of the Australian Museum.

As a six-year-old, filmmaker Matt Drummond stood staring up at the giant, fossilised skeleton of a stegosaurus. The scale and wonder of the prehistoric beast left a footprint in his mind that has endured.

Thirty-five years later, Drummond has turned the childhood sketches of dinosaurs he made after that museum visit into motion-picture reality as he prepares for the worldwide release of his first animated film.

“When you see the dinosaur skeletons in situ in a museum, you’re confronted with something with so many teeth and with such a large head,” 41-year-old Drummond said.

“You can’t help be in awe of it. The fact that they are extinct also leaves so much to the imagination.

“I remember seeing the dinosaur diorama at the ­museum as kid and thinking ‘it is like a movie set’. The first thing I did was go home and draw the stegosaurus.”

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