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  1. Manage the operational delivery of the Museum’s exhibitions and gallery development program. Co-ordinate exhibition scheduling, commissioning, contracting, procurement, exhibition budgets, development and maintenance, managing installation budgets, and ensure permanent exhibitions are maintained and renewed and that the Museum’s exhibition standards are met.
  2. Undertake the overall project management of exhibition projects such as incoming and outbound exhibitions and changeovers in line with exhibition briefs and creative direction from the Deputy Director Engagement. This includes the allocation of project tasks, utilising project management and scheduling tools, monitoring of project budgets and deliverables, logistics, stakeholder and risk management, meeting compliance requirements and liaison, engagement and monitoring of contractors and stakeholders.
  3. Lead and manage the performance and development of the Exhibition Services team and casual staff (installers). Train, develop, coach and empower team members and inspire a positive attitude to work and delivery of high-quality outcomes. Facilitate the Exhibition Services team to realise design concepts provided in exhibition briefs and present agreed exhibitions to deliver the Museum’s exhibitions program.
  4. Co-ordinate exhibition logistics, including storage, display systems, AV maintenance and other infrastructure.   Ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures and be proactive in identifying issues or addressing issues that arise.
  5. Work with a team of curatorial, educational and marketing professionals on the implementation, promotion and interpretation of exhibitions, and co-ordinate the administrative processes around convening pitch and production meetings.
  6. Provide input into the process of delivery of exhibition strategy, including input into practical exhibition design and sourcing the necessary design expertise.  Provide advice to the Deputy Director Engagement on exhibition development, including travelling exhibitions. Keep abreast of developments in exhibition presentation, establish and maintain peer networks within the industry, and develop and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Pre-employment Requirements

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this role is to satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer.  The following checks are to be conducted.

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