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The Canterbury Museum exists to add value to the present and future citizens of Canterbury and the many visitors to Christchurch, by welcoming our visitors to explore the diversity of the natural world and our cultural heritage and to make this a fun experience.  This will be achieved through:

The Exhibitions Technician reports to the Exhibitions Manager (see attached Organisation Chart).

Job Purpose

In both the current Museum and as we move towards redevelopment, the position of the Exhibitions Technician exists to:

Please note the role will require some agility as Canterbury Museum moves towards a major redevelopment, and will involve support of wider Museum operations such as moving collections and set-up of new front-of-house and back-of-house facilities.

Key Output Areas

The duties and responsibilities outlined describe the core tasks, you may be required to undertake other duties.

1.    Exhibition development achieved by:

2.    Exhibition maintenance achieved by:

3.    Corporate signage and wayfinding achieved by:

4.    Exhibitions Group operations achieved by:

5.    Professional development undertaken by:

6.    Promotion of Museum as a Centre of Excellence by:

To Apply: