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Funds sought for Science Centre

The planned UWS science education centre could rival the National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon. Source: Daily Telegraph.

Kylar Loussikian, University of Western Sydney lobbies to fund science centre, The Australian, 1 July 2015

The University of Western Sydney has begun lobbying federal and state governments for funds as it plans the launch of a science education centre on its Penrith campus that will rival the National Science and Technology Centre, known as Questacon, in Canberra.

UWS already had committed $30 million towards the project, and was searching for $21.3m from the federal government or private donors, vice-chancellor Barney Glover said.

Professor Glover said UWS had allocated a 6000sq m building to the project, and required the additional funds for the refurbishment and to acquire the exhibits and displays.

“We’ve had a number of senior academics with science backgrounds who have been for some time some time talking to politicians in western Sydney about how critically important and transformational to young people in the region it would be to have access to a facility like Questacon,” Professor Glover said.

“Our board of trustees has agreed we can offer a building to support the development of a science centre in the Penrith area, and we’re seeking government and corporate support to refurbish it.”

If funding is found, it is expected the precinct could be operational within 18 months, with 150,000 schoolchildren to use the facility each year.

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