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Position Description

As a senior curator at the Executive 2 level you will be expected to provide high level leadership for the ATSIP team, and operate constructively and supportively with your peers in other areas of the Museum. In particular the successful applicants will be expected to:

  1. Provide leadership, management, mentorship, and strategic direction for the ATSIP team within the Collections, Content and Exhibitions Division;
  2. Communicate Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures to diverse audiences by developing and managing permanent gallery displays, temporary exhibitions, publications, and web sites;
  3. Provide strategic direction to develop the Museum collections of materials relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture;
  4. Provide leadership and management in relation to community consultation and engagement activities and the repatriation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human remains and secret/sacred objects;
  5. Provide advice and support to Museum business units on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues;
  6. Undertake and supervise research projects within the Museum;
  7. Develop and maintain key relationships with the Museum’s Indigenous Reference Group, Indigenous communities, institutional and academic partners;
  8. Represent the Museum at government and corporate events and meetings, public programs, symposia, conferences, and public lectures etc.; and
  9. Develop and implement policies, manage budgets and contribute to the Corporate Strategic Plan and Business Plan to align with corporate priorities.

Please Note: This is a Special Measures position and open only to Indigenous Australian applicants. For further information or to apply, please visit