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Primary objective

Lead the natural sciences team and to initiate, build and foster strategic partnerships that build MAGNT’s capacity in natural sciences. Provide high-level vision and leadership to guide the development of MAGNT’s natural science collections, research priorities, and public engagement projects.

Key responsibilities

  1. Provide strategic policy, planning, advice and reporting to ensure that the development, management and research of MAGNT’s natural sciences collections are integrated into MAGNT’s exhibitions, public programs, fundraising and communications.
  2. Build and maintain professional networks and partnerships with external stakeholders, including project partners, other scientific organisations, community groups and researchers.
  3. Seek revenue sources for projects in the natural sciences and work closely with MAGNT’s Head of Engagement to strengthen relationships with Government (Commonwealth and Territory), industry, benefactors and sponsors.
  4. Develop and implement appropriate short and long term planning activities to form the
  5. Lead and manage a high-performing natural sciences team in the delivery of its functions and services through scheduling and prioritising work; monitoring and reviewing processes; providing performance feedback and staff learning and development opportunities; and ensuring that deadlines and budget commitments are met.
  6. Identify research priorities that are appropriate for an institution of MAGNT’s size, geographic location and collecting strengths; develop strategies for their implementation and resourcing.
  7. Work closely with the Exhibitions and Visitor Experience teams to ensure the highest quality exhibitions, digital engagement and programs are incorporated into MAGNT’s public offering.
  8. Represent MAGNT with relevant national and international stakeholders, committees and the media to promote MAGNT’s natural science research and collecting activities.
  9. Maintain and promote EEO, cultural diversity, WH&S and ethical principles and practices.

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Applications must be submitted via email to [email protected] by 9 August 2021