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Human Potential returns to Scitech

Kim Shaw, SCITECH showcases human potential in a new perspective via Rare, 4 December 2023

The Human Potential exhibition was last in Perth back in 2016 and has been traveling around the world ever since. Scitech teamed up with Rare and Hearts & Science to celebrate its return and encourage a new generation to discover the amazing possibilities of human potential.

From developing the initial branding through to high impact media channels and bespoke executions, the campaign combined technology and creativity to cut through the noise, including a hero 3D billboard at the new Canning Vale site.

Georige Frampton, Group Business Director at Rare, says: “This is a great example of creative built from a good brief that had all the right collaborators involved from client, media and creative. The branding and final product looks awesome and we can’t wait to see this exhibition and brand travel globally.”

Karen Bowler, Client Manager at Hearts & Science WA, says: “We were looking for high impact and attention via media channel selection and creative execution. I think this is a perfect example of when media platforms and great creative ideas come together to make something wonderful. It also helps when we are working with a fantastic client and we thank the team at Scitech, Lina Rudinskaite and Samantha Simpson, for giving us the opportunity to think outside the box.”

Lina Rudinskaite, Manager, Brand and Marketing at Scitech, says: “We’re delighted to have the Human Potential exhibition back at Scitech, and the teams at Rare and Hearts & Science certainly did it justice with this campaign.”

The Human Potential exhibit is now open at Scitech, showing how tech advancements and medical breakthroughs have revolutionised the way we live, opening up new possibilities and making the world a more inclusive place.

Phil Dada, Director at Network Media, said: “It’s been great to see Hearts & Science and Rare work with clients like Scitech to recommend and design in 3D to engage audiences further in the OOH space.”

Client: Scitech Discovery Center
Manager, Brand & Marketing: Lina Rudinskate
Marketing Specialist: Sam Simpson
Graphic Design Specialist: Nanda Griftanina
Agency: Rare
Head of Art: Rob Mead
Writer: Simon Mullins
Design Director: Enrico Bettesworth
Finished Artist: Peter Neave
Producer: Bel De Corti
Group Business Director: Georgie Frampton
Senior Account Executive: Alex Ventouras
3D Animation: Last Pixel
Dave McDonnell: 3D Animator
Media: Hearts & Science
General Manager: Joe Purdy
Digital Director: Daniel Fletcher
Client Manager: Karen Bowler