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The purpose of this position is to shape and share Indigenous Australian stories with a national audience. This role will review, research, design, develop, refine and deliver Indigenous education programs to for a range of audiences, ensuring quality and accessibility. The Indigenous Education Officer will assess existing programs and lead improvement initiatives through content development, training and support for delivery staff.

This position will develop innovative, best practice teacher and student resources linked to the Australian Curriculum from K-Y12 levels with a focus on digital resource development. It will also engage with Indigenous communities nationally to ensure effective outreach education programs are established. The role will liaise with internal and external museum stakeholders and provide advice on best practice strategies for meeting educational outcomes. This position will contribute to the Museum’s priorities by sharing the national maritime story, developing compelling experiences for visitors, supporting reconciliation and contributing to the Museum’s role as a trusted voice and custodian.

The key duties of the position include:

The Position will:

  • Develop and refine Indigenous programs for schools based on curriculum for K-Y12.
  • Ensure the quality, cultural relevance and cultural appropriateness of the Museum’s Indigenous education programs is maintained as per required standards.
  • Research, develop and design new innovative Indigenous education programs for a range of audiences (both internal and external) in consultation with the Education and Knowledge team’s as well as other Indigenous Museum staff.
  • Develop innovative digital resources for teachers and students which are culturally appropriate and respectful, that are linked to the Australian curriculum.
  • Engage with internal and external Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, cultural groups and relevant historical and scientific communities to ensure programs are culturally sensitive and robust.
  • Ensure the Indigenous education programs and resources are relevant, innovative and attractive and can be adapted to meet the needs of diverse target audiences.
  • Manage a viable delivery model for Indigenous education programs (including digitally) for schools and other audiences.
  • Develop resources, train staff and monitor delivery of programs to ensure sensitivity, quality and accessibility.
  • Manage operation and delivery of the school outreach, digital and videoconferencing programs related to First Nations Culture and History. Deliver the programs when required.
  • Evaluate program outcomes and effectiveness, drive continuous improvement, use of new technology and best practice in education.
  • Monitor projects undertaken by external contractors, ensure they meet Museum standards and represent value for money.
  • Undertake relevant organisational outcomes outlined in the Museum’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of Indigenous outreach programs to support the Museum’s regional priorities.
  • Oversee the education budget for Indigenous programs and ensure value for money in expenditure within delegation.
  • Promote Indigenous education programs and resources to the wider education audience.
  • Engage internal stakeholders to ensure organisation-wide understanding and backing of Indigenous education programs and support the longevity of developed programs.
  • Provide advice on the Museum’s education programs to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and perspectives are included in the learning material and resources.
  • To fulfil the key competencies of the classification of this position as defined and described by the Integrated Leadership System (ILS).
  • Any other lawful and reasonable request made within this position.


This role is an Indigenous Identified position, open only to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons.

Indigenous job seekers are encouraged to apply for this vacancy. If the job is ‘Identified’, then part or all of the duties impact on Indigenous Australian communities or their representatives.
For more information or to apply visit: APSJobs.