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The Interactive Display & Lighting Maintenance Officer works as part of an Audiovisual (AV) Services Team that manages the maintenance, redevelopment, specifying and upgrading of Gallery (Audio Visual) AV displays and systems. The work involves performing the detailed technical analysis and installation services required to effect a continuing programme of improvement and renewal for AV installations in the Memorials galleries. Designing and implementing maintenance procedures and developing long term budgets and technical strategies to ensure a continuing high level of visitor satisfaction and very low levels of display failure over the life of exhibitions is a key aspect of the role.

Note: Appropriate technical qualifications or highly relevant experience are desirable for this job.


1 Under general direction oversee day-to-day maintenance of gallery AV installations including:

  • Determining work plans and safe work method statements for day-to-day AV maintenance work;
  • Developing testing schedules for display control systems
  • Performing programming work on lighting control systems
  • Effecting repair of interactive displays caused by faults in both hardware and software configuration
  • Co-ordination of 3rd party repair of interactive displays including fault analysis and description

2. Under general direction from the Exhibitions Gallery manager:

  • Devise customised lighting solutions for specific gallery installations (e.g. custom lighting design, lighting fixture specification, dimming control and programming)
  • Provide video post-production services, using a digital edit suite, for theatre recordings and interactive installation renewal
  • Provide the technical analysis for long term estimates of asset replacement liabilities
  • Plan after hours maintenance priorities; and,
  • Ensure compliance with WHS and public safety requirements including “test & tag” procedures.

3. Manage technical processes for AV installation by third parties, including:

  • Technical specification of upgrades;
  • Documentation of legacy systems;
  • Ongoing documentation of system changes;
  • Production and maintenance of whole-of-system operating manuals
  • Developing technical documents and manuals in collaboration with other AV team members; and,
  • Sourcing material and components.

4. Liaise with Memorial staff, external consultants and contractors to maintain the quality of AV installations in the galleries.

5. Configure and operate Gallery AV installations on demand for special visitors and events.

6. Manual handling and movement of a wide range of objects and equipment including but not limited to audio amplifiers and speakers, moving-head theatrical lights, computer equipment, large-format display monitors, data projectors and associated installation hardware as required.

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