Knowledge Quarter

British Museum. Source:

‘British Museum among the partners as new Cultural Quarter arises at King’s Cross’ NMDC UK Newsletter, January 2015

A new Knowledge Quarter has been launched in the King’s Cross area of London, bringing together 35 organisations including the British Library, British Museum, Guardian newspaper, Wellcome Trust and University of the Arts London. The group will work to share innovation, ideas and research as well as working with local London government to support infrastructure projects.

The first major project will be the £42m Turing Institute for Data Science, which will also have outposts in universities around the country. Chancellor George Osborne said “the institute will bring benefits to the whole country through partnerships with universities and businesses across Britain, including in our great northern cities, to better understand and exploit the amazing opportunities presented by big data. It’s a fitting tribute to Alan Turing – the father of modern computer science and a national hero – and will ensure Britain continues to lead the whole world in this important field.

Chief Executive of the British Library, Roly Keating said “The area around King’s Cross, St Pancras, Euston and Bloomsbury is a gateway to the most valuable commodity of the 21st century – knowledge. Just as the great Victorian railway engineers built a revolutionary transport hub for people and goods in this part of London, so the Knowledge Quarter is rapidly becoming a world-class interchange for creative ideas, research and innovation.” Kids In Museums,