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Museum and Art Centre

‘Canterbury Museum and the Arts Centre join forces’, Scoop Independent News, 11 November 2014

Canterbury Museum and The Arts Centre of Christchurch have officially joined forces to achieve their common objective of preserving and promoting the history and heritage of region.

Representatives of both charitable trusts have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to recognise the desire to work together to achieve their shared goals and aspirations to serve the people of Canterbury.

The Memorandum aims to increase collaboration on a large number of issues and projects, and the offer of superior joint events and services to the community. Other areas of activity envisaged by the Memorandum include possible cross use of facilities, sharing of resources, joint promotions, research and educational activity.

The two organisations play a pivotal role in the Canterbury arts, heritage and tourism communities and the agreement underlines their shared responsibility to take a leadership role in those sectors and the resurrection of the Cultural Precinct.

While Canterbury Museum and the Arts Centre both fulfil a unique role in the region, the MoU enables both entities to become a united voice.

“We both understand that to stand together in this post-earthquake era is vital for the future of both our organisations,” said Anthony Wright, director of Canterbury Museum.

The Arts Centre and Canterbury Museum have been one of the top attractions for many years, attracting millions of locals and tourists and both are keen to recapture the visitor numbers from before the earthquakes.

Arts Centre chief executive André Lovatt said that there were numerous areas where a closer relationship would benefit both parties. “We often have the same goals and deal with same people, so by sharing our plans and resources, we should get much better outcomes for ourselves and the Canterbury public.”