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Museum forges ahead with digitization

High resolution digitised image of a gold and enamel dolphin nécessaire set with emerald and topaz c. 1600 from the Rijksmuseum collection. Source: Rijksmuseum.

Stephen Heyman, A Museum at the Forefront of Digitization, The New York Times, 13 May 2015

While many major museums have embarked on sweeping digitization projects, the one at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is distinguished by its ambition to be among the most exhaustive.  By 2020, the museum intends to digitize all one million objects in its collection – from masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer to Delft pottery, silk brocade gowns and matchlock muskets.  Today, 25 percent of the museum’s collection, including nearly all of its paintings, is freely available for download in high-resolution on, with new images being added every day.

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