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Museums, Migrants and Cultural Diversity

New publication: Museums, Migrants and Cultural Diversity, Network of European Museum Organisations, 30 May 2016

Against the backdrop of the recent migration movements in Europe, NEMO has published an adapted recommendation by the German Museums Association to support museum work in the field.

We are delighted to share with you today the publication “Museums, migration and cultural diversity – Recommendations for museum work“!

New publication “Museums, migration and cultural diversity – Recommendations for museum work”.

EU Member States are struggling to find ways to deal with, adapt to and accommodate a changing and more diverse society. This is when the value of culture becomes particularly important as an asset and response to the challenges of integrating migrants and refugees. Especially museums, experienced in working with marginalised communities and minorities, offer a personal, cultural approach to new communities and support dialogue between cultures, enabling others to understand their place in the world.

Museums have been places of intercultural dialogue since their inception and there is a range of good models how museums work with migrant groups and help to facilitate intercultural dialogue on different levels. NEMO’s goal is to strengthen museums in Europe through the exchange of information and expertise and thus shares advice and experiences in this publication.

The present publication, originally published by the German Museums Association and worked out by its working group “Migration”, was adapted and published in English by NEMO. “Museums, migration and cultural diversity” gives concrete and hands-on instructions for museums to find a multi-perspective and multicultural approach to their work and their collections in order to contribute to a healthy and diverse society.