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MV & Ethnic Communities Council Victoria

Rohini Kappadath from the Immigration Museum, ECCV Chairperson Cr Kris Pavlidis and Victoria Multicultural Commission Chair Viv Nguyen.

Kris Pavlidis, ECCV works with Museums Victoria; shows ‘immigration’ is not a dirty word, Neo Kosmos, 1 October 2019

ECCV forges a strong relationship with the Immigration Museum to ensure a strong and representative community voice remains a priority for Museums Victoria.

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria is delighted to work with Museums Victoria towards a renewed commitment to all culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria.

The public discourse has centred around the proposed name change for the Immigration Museum. This has effectively provided the opportunity to mobilise community action in response, and for ECCV to advocate for the engagement of all Victorian communities as a fundamental, systemic process.

Recent discussions have helped define the cooperative synergy with the ECCV and highlight the significance of honouring the proud migrant legacy of this nation, through the iconic Victorian Immigration Museum.

The voices of all Victorian communities are critical in articulating how we build upon the success of Victorian Immigration Museum.
Recently ECCV met with Hon Minister Foley to galvanise the message to continue to work collaboratively with Victorian communities and preserve Victoria’s proud immigrant heritage.

After all ‘Immigration’ is not a dirty word.

In respectfully acknowledging the First Nations people, we accept that we are all subsequent immigrants of this nation.

We look forward to further conversations to advance the strategic direction of this culturally significant institution.

Cr Kris Pavlidis
ECCV Chairperson