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MV shows Sutr Santati: Indian textile tradns

A wide range of textile techniques and yarns curated and created by a team of Indian academics, designers, artists, and artisans will be displayed at Melbourne Museum.

Sumeet Kaur, Sutr Santati: Acclaimed international textile exhibition representing Indian traditions comes to Australia, SBS Punjabi, 2 May 2023

Discovering the stories of India’s far and recent pasts told via textile traditions showcasing embroidery, resist-dyeing, painting, printing, and applique, an international exhibition, ‘Sutr Santati’ comes to Melbourne Museum, bringing together 75 hand-woven tapestries conceived and created by India’s prominent artists, craftspeople, and designers.


  • ‘Sutr Santati’: Then. Now. Next’ is an international exhibition opening at Melbourne Museum on 13 May until 3 September.
  • Featuring 75 specially commissioned tapestries and woven fabrics, the exhibition brings together India’s exquisite art and craft under one roof.
  • The one-of-a-kind exhibition represents diverse interpretations of the country’s beautiful textile traditions and craftsmanship.

Developed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, the exhibition explores the evolution of Indian culture through the ideals of slow consumerism and the collective’s efforts via the medium of textiles.

A team of Indian academics, designers, artists, and artisans has conceived, curated, and created this textile exhibition, the first ever to travel outside of India.

The exhibition will be exclusively displayed at the Melbourne Museum from May until September 2023.

Lynley Crosswell, CEO and Director of Museums Victoria says the combination of traditional elements and contemporary techniques seen in the featured works is a compelling drawcard for lovers of textiles, design, and Indian art and culture.

“We are excited to host this exquisite exhibition, curated by Lavina Baldota in celebration of 75 years of Indian Independence,” she says.

“This world-class exhibition showcases the country’s contemporary artistic and creative landscape and reinforces the value of traditional Indian textiles.”

The exhibition has been a massive success in India and has been graced by many with an appreciation of textiles, fashion, design, and culture, including the acclaimed Indian mystic Sadhguru.

Conceived and curated by textile revivalist and conservationist, Lavina Baldota, ‘Sutr Santati’ translates in Hindi to ‘the continuity of thread’.

Ms Baldota says she is very excited for the people of Melbourne to discover India’s diverse textile heritage through the exhibition that combines exceptional works from contemporary designers alongside works from master weavers and intersectional creatives who put their hearts into their craft.

Curator, Textiles revivalist and Conservationist Lavina Baldota.

“Santati for me is a limitless canvas of introspection and self-discovery woven by yarns of ethos derived from Gandhian influence,” she says.

“And rendered with hues of my most intrinsic emotions – especially love and pride for my roots, country, leaders, artisans, aesthetics, and its rich heritage.”

Chandravali, Vinay Narkar- Sutr Santati at Melbourne Museum.

Key exhibits include ‘Freeway’ by Chanakya School of Craft, ‘Fungi’ by Vaishali Shadangule, and the ‘Patan Shreenathji’ patola sari by Gaurang Shah.

Sur Santati hosts more than 100 textile art pieces, most of them commissioned from local Indian sources such as cotton, mulberry, wild silk, camel, sheep, goat, and yak hair, as well as lotus, banana, and water hyacinth.

In India, the textile industry continues to generate the second-highest amount of employment. A total of 35 million people in the country are employed directly by it.

State Minister for Creative Industries, Steve Dimopoulos says: “India is an important economic and cultural partner for Victoria – and the Sutr Santati exhibition will help to strengthen these already deep connections.”

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