National Heritage Strategy

To coincide with Australian Heritage Week, the Government is releasing the draft Australian Heritage Strategy for public comment until 9 June 2014.

CAMD will be commenting on the draft and the Executive Officer ([email protected]) would welcome your comments and other input by the end of May.  If you intend to respond as an institution please provide a copy of your response to the CAMD office.

The aim of the Strategy is to provide outcomes, priorities and actions that effectively recognise, manage and celebrate Australia’s unique heritage.

The following description of the Strategy is drawn from the Minister’s media release:

The draft Strategy is built around a central vision of our natural and cultural heritage being valued by all Australians, protected for future generations and cared for by the community.

Essential to achieving this vision are three key elements:

National Leadership

  • Improve support for Australia’s iconic world heritage sites
  • Capture a representative National Heritage List
  • Pursue greater recognition and protection of our natural and cultural heritage
  • Contribute to international standard setting and guidance

Innovative Partnerships

  • Greater heritage policy and process alignment across all levels of government
  • Build capacity through workforce support, education and training
  • Alternative funding, resource sharing and creative partnerships
  • Foster collaboration between heritage and tourism sectors

Community Engagement

  • Creating incentives to care for our heritage
  • Greater knowledge and engagement with our heritage
  • Appropriate timing for the national celebration of Australia’s heritage
  • Management of heritage places
  • Models for greater recognition of heritage champions

The draft Strategy also identifies opportunities for possible World Heritage listings – such as the Victoria Markets in Melbourne and the Sydney Royal National Park.

The protection of Australia’s heritage is central to the Australian Government’s Plan for a Cleaner Environment and is a fundamental pillar of our vision for Australia–a society that protects and improves its environment for future generations.

The draft Australian Heritage Strategy is available for comment here.