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National Museum of Australia Birthday Celebrations

The National Museum of Australia celebrates its 12th birthday at Acton Peninsula on Monday, 11 March 2013.  Join the museum for a car rally and free entry to the NMA’s newest exhibition, Glorious Days: Australia 1913.

One- and two-cylinder vehicle rally

Veteran and Vintage Car Club of the ACT vehicles on show at the National Museum of Australia. Photo: Jason McCarthy.

Monday 11 March
10am – 2pm

To mark the National Museum’s birthday and the Centenary of Canberra, the Museum welcomes a national vehicle rally hosted by the Veteran and Vintage Car Club of the Australian Capital Territory.

The rally includes 60 early petrol, steam and electric cars, of the type that would have graced Australian roads in 1913.

Outdoor amphitheatre

Free entry to Glorious Days: Australia 1913

Monday 11 March
9am – 5pm

Step back in time to Glorious Days: Australia 1913. Immerse yourself in a time of tremendous optimism, when Australians took pride in their distinctive culture, high standard of living and sporting prowess. Glorious Days features beautiful artworks, costume, music and newsreel footage from Australia a century ago.

Temporary Exhibition Gallery
Free on this day only