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Nationhood, national identity & democracy

Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP.

Nationhood, national identity and democracy, Parliament of Australia, February 2021

© Commonwealth of Australia 2021
ISBN: 978-1-76093-181-0

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List of Recommendations

Chair’s Foreword

Nationhood, National Identity and Democracy: Australia in the wider world

Chapter 1—Introduction

Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of the report
Comments on Australia’s democratic history
Myths and realities of Australian democracy

Chapter 2—Nationhood and democracy: International trends

COVID-19 and democracy
Australia’s place in the world
Committee view

Chapter 3—The Australian nation: Our history, our identities, our future

National stories and national identity
Truth-telling and recognition
Teaching Australia’s history
Teaching civics
Australian nationhood, the future
Committee view

Chapter 4—The Australian people: Citizenship, culture and religion, social cohesion

Committee view
Social cohesion
Strengthening social cohesion
Committee view

Chapter 5—Australia’s democracy: Trust, satisfaction and belief

How Australians feel about our democracy
Why do we feel this way?
Committee view
Rebuilding trust and satisfaction
Committee view

Chapter 6—Democratic institutions: Building strength and resilience

A closer look at Australia’s democracy
The federal parliament
The public service, strength and independence
National institutions, arts and culture
Committee view

Chapter 7—Conclusion

Dissenting Report by Government Senators: Senator the Hon Sarah Henderson and Senator Paul Scarr

Nationhood and democracy: international trends
The Australian nation: our history, our identities, our future
The Australian people: citizenship, culture and religion, social cohesion
Australia’s democracy: trust, satisfaction and belief
Democratic institutions: building strength and resilience

Additional Comments from Senator Nita Green

Australian Greens Additional Comments

Trust and confidence in our democracy

Appendix 1—Submissions, additional information, answers to questions on notice, form letters and tabled documents

Appendix 2—Public Hearings

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