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NCRIS gets 12mth reprieve
The Atlas of Living Australia is an NCRIS project involving a number of CAMD museums.

Julie Hare, Bill to be split, NCRIS gets 12-month reprieve, The Australian, 16 March 2015

EDUCATION Minister Christopher Pyne will split his higher education legislation into two bills in a last-ditch effort to get the reforms through the Senate on Wednesday. He also guaranteed another 12 months of funding for the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Fund.

Mr Pyne will carve off the 20 per cent funding cut into a separate bill, leaving deregulation of fees and providers and a raft of other measures in another bill …

“The government will split the Bill, and set aside for later consideration the 20 per cent reduction in the Commonwealth Grants Scheme,” he said …

Mr Pyne said funding for NCRIS would be found from “offsets in the budget and it will not be subject to the passage of the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill”.

“I want the Senate to consider these vital reforms for universities and the great benefits this package brings for students without any further distractions,” Pyne said.

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