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New Biodiversity Partnership

Specimens from the Queensland Museum’s biodiversity collection. Source: Queensland Museum.

New Biodiversity Partnership for Queensland Museum,, 12 May 2015

Queensland’s unique biodiversity is the focus of a landmark $1.4 million partnership between Queensland Museum and BHP Billiton, announced today by Premier and Minister for the Arts Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“This new biodiversity partnership, the largest corporate partnership to date for the Museum, will communicate the importance and value of Queensland’s precious biodiversity,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Queensland has five World Heritage listed sites, along with Australia’s greatest number of different species and the widest range of habitats, and understanding more about our environment is important to every Queenslander.”

The Premier said the partnership would deliver three key projects to share the story of Queensland’s vast biodiversity.

“We will see a fantastic new exhibition opening at Queensland Museum in 2016 chronicling our biodiversity,” she said.

“The Museum will also produce a range of hands-on learning resources, to be made available to Queensland schools, which compare and contrast characteristics, habitats, lifecycles and food webs.

“And there will be a new Biodiversity Youth Ambassador Program for Year Seven students, focused on encouraging science-based discovery and learning.”

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