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New cultural policies for NSW & SA Govts

Creative Communities, NSW Arts, Culture and Creative Industries Policy, December 2023

The NSW Government’s 10-year integrated policy for arts, culture and the creative industries 2024-2033.

Creative Communities recognises the unique place of the arts, culture and the creative industries in NSW, the state with the largest cultural and creative workforce, the oldest and most distinctive cultural institutions, and the most diverse population.

It is an inclusive 10-year policy that supports artists, creatives and cultural organisations and importantly, expands to include, for the first time, the rapidly growing creative industries.

It considers culture a public good and the right to participate in arts, cultural and creative activities a fundamental human right.

It supports sustainably growing the creative industries and accepts the responsibility to advocate for the value of culture to build capacity, creativity and community cohesion.

The policy commits to a whole-of-government approach to advocate for, invest in and enable the creative and cultural ecosystem across the state to realise its potential.

It complements Revive, the national cultural policy, and shares its commitment to prioritise First Nations culture and take our multi-faceted stories and creativity to the world.

Creative Communities is grounded in five guiding principles:

  1. Prioritise First Nations culture
  2. Embrace the arts, culture and creative industries
  3. Advocate for the value of culture
  4. Support sustainable growth
  5. Take our creativity to the world and bring the world to our stories


Built on the core objectives of People, Infrastructure and Audiences, the policy embeds arts, culture and creative industries in our communities and provides opportunities for all to thrive. The principles and key objectives are detailed in full in the policy.

Creative Communities will ensure that over the next decade, the arts, culture and creative industries will flourish and continue to enhance the lives of the people of NSW.


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