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New National MA President-elect

CAMD congratulates members Frank Howarth (Director, Australia Museum), who has been named National President-elect for Museums Australia, and Richard Mulvaney (Director, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery) who has been nominated as National Vice-President for the 2013-2015 period.  The positions are to be confirmed by MA members at its conference in May in Canberra.

CAMD looks forward to further cementing the good relations it has developed with Museums Australia through the Museums Metadata Exchange (MME) project and via the recent efforts of 2012-13 National MA President, Andrew Sayers (Director, National Museum of Australia).

CAMD and MA have been speaking recently about the Creative Australia proposal for a national museum network.  Efforts are underway to organise a Summit between the Federal Office for the Arts, MA and CAMD while we are all in Canberra in May.  Hopefully the Summit will allow an opportunity to flesh out a workable network and explore future funding.