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New technologies

Source: M+H Advisor.

Adrian Murphy, Technology in Museums: making the latest advances work for our cultural institutions, Museums+Heritage Advisor, 17 December 2015

Technology in museums is something that is becoming increasingly familiar as curators and designers attempt to harness the latest developments in the field for the benefit of their visitors and collections. And as the use of technology in everyday life has become the norm, integrating this into the museum offer is becoming even more essential.

Using technology in museums can start from the smallest of organisations creating a Twitter account to engage and pass on essential information to their audience to more ambitious projects such as Kendal Museum in Cumbria digitising its entire natural history collection and launching a new website so the whole world can connect with its 5,700-strong collection of minerals and pressed flowers.

However, it is to the larger museums that we look to see the even more pioneering developments and innovations that are transforming the way the sector uses technology to showcase its collections and engage with its visitors. Such as the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Museum in New York which has designed an electronic pen, which allows visitors to “collect” information as they make their way around the museum and then access a dedicated website post visit to see what they have collected, and thus continue the museum journey.

Here M+H Advisor provides six case studies (below) from both suppliers and museums that are using technology to improve the way the sector tells its stories and presents its collections.

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