Not-for-Profit Sector Tax Concessions

The Not-for-profit (NFP) Sector Tax Concession Working Group has released a discussion paper, Fairer, simpler and more effective tax concessions for the not-for-profit sector.

The purpose of the paper is to stimulate discussion, debate and feedback for the NFP Sector Tax Concession Working Group.

The NFP Sector Tax Concession Working Group was established in February 2012 and is chaired by Linda Lavarch, the chair of the NFP Sector Reform Council, and includes a diverse range of representatives from the NFP sector and also technical experts.

Consistent with the Government’s commitment to fiscal discipline, the Working Group has been asked to identify offsetting savings from benefits provided to the NFP sector for any proposals they recommend that have a budget cost.

CAMD is considering making a response to the paper but to do this requires member input by 30 November.

The Working Group’s final report will be delivered to the Government by March 2013.

The discussion paper is available at: NFP Tax Concessions