Old Town, Young Voices

Images of Hobart’s past, such as this one of Wapping from about a century ago, are being used to create characters and give a new voice to old Hobart. (Supplied: Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office).

Damian Peck, Old Hobart Town gets new voice from young writers, ABC News 12 June 2015

Young Tasmanian writers are being encouraged to be inspired by Hobart’s history in a series of workshops beginning this weekend.

The Story Island Project is holding short-course writing workshops for teenagers in Hobart where participants can connect with the town’s history by using archived images.

The images show the city in its earlier stages of development and there are hopes they will prompt young writers to describe their thoughts on what is similar and different in modern-day Hobart.

“We’re going to be looking at some of the images from Hobart’s past and looking at some of the objects in TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) and just getting young people to imagine themselves in Hobart a couple of hundred years ago,” Kate Gross, a writer behind the course, told Ryk Goddard on 936 ABC Hobart.

“[We want them to] think about the kind of things that are meaningful to them [and] how they would have experienced Hobart in the past.”

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