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The Project Logistics/Integration Manager will be responsible for coordinating Project works and activities with the Memorial’s day to day operations to minimise disruption on operations, staff and visitors. The Project Logistics/Integration Manager will also coordinate development and optimisation of site logistics planning and programming to meet the needs of the project.

The Project Logistics/Integration Manager will agree and document the ‘blocking and stacking’ movements for work groups during the construction works and facilitate locations.

The role will be critical to overall works safety including being responsible for developing an appropriate risk management plan for overall site activities, implementation of a program specific Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) plan, reporting site safety performance and conducting site inductions. For the Memorial’s EH&S plan, the role will produce and update evacuation plans for all stages of the works.

The Project Logistics/Integration Manager will be responsible for ensuring logistics factors (site movements, availability of equipment, key staff/contractors, accommodation, storage or other space etc.) are not a constraining factor on the project or, where deemed unavoidable, ensuring the issues are communicated in order that de-confliction or mitigation can occur.

The role will co-ordinate the production of documentation to spatially test the movements, installation and maintenance of gallery content and Large Technology Objects (LTOs). The role will also appropriately structure the requirements for user and maintenance manuals and collect the ‘as-built’ documentation in line with the Memorial’s requirements.

To be successful the Project Logistics/Integration Manager must build collaborative and inclusive networks with both Memorial project staff and external contractors. The formation and maintenance of good working relationships across these areas and the wider Memorial is crucial to the effectiveness of the role.

The Project Logistics/Integration Manager must have extensive experience in facilities or project logistics and methodologies, preferably in a government or regulated sector.

The role is part of the Redevelopment Project Section reporting to the Deputy Project Director. The role liaises closely with the Principal Project Manager, Heads of Sections and their representatives, Buildings Services staff, and the Work Health and Safety Team as required and relevant to priorities.

Core Responsibilities
The Project Logistics/Integration Manager will provide a range of co-ordination, logistics and project support services including:

  1. Plan, coordinate, schedule and report on the integration of a wide variety of project and construction activities with ‘business as usual’ buildings and services operations for the Memorial’s Campbell site and promote engagement and positive communications with all internal stakeholders and related working groups.
  2. Coordinate internal stakeholder meetings and facilitate design user group reviews, internal works approvals and project notifications to all relevant Sections of the Memorial.
  3. Development and maintenance of an appropriate risk management plan for site activities, development and maintenance of a creation of a program specific Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) plan, the ongoing reporting of site safety performance and conducting site inductions for the Memorial.
  4. Develop and integrate a site wide logistics programme to ensure the availability of equipment, storage, accommodation and key contractors in order to ensure logistics issues do not unnecessarily constrain project activities.
  5. Generate and manage the ‘blocking and stacking’ movements for work groups and facilitate the relocations.
  6. Work with the Memorial’s Chief Warden to maintain and update Emergency Plans (including Fire Plans) throughout project activities to ensure the safety of all onsite.
  7. Generate requirements documentation then co-ordinate the production of documents for gallery content and LTO movements, installation and maintenance with relevant Collection Services teams
  8. Set up the structure and manage the collection and storage of ‘as-built’ documentation and manuals.
  9. Gather and collate monthly dashboard reports on project developments in other areas of the Memorial for submission to the Executive Team and action interfaces with the Redevelopment.

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