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Public Trust in Museums

Recent research by the UK Museums Association has spread new light on public perceptions of and attitudes to museums.  A survey carried out with frequent museum users and those who rarely visit revealed a high level of trust and positivity towards museums and a widespread perception that they have a broader role to play in society above appealing to individual visitors.

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The research uncovered the following beliefs about museums which will undoubtedly encourage debate in the UK and here:

Essential purposes

  • Care and preservation of heritage
  • Holding collections and mounting displays
  • Creating knowledge for and about society

Priority purposes

  • Promoting economic growth through tourism, investment and regeneration
  • Facilitating individual development through education, stimulation and building skills
  • Promoting happiness and wellbeing

Low priority purposes

  • Fostering a sense of community
  • Helping the vulnerable
  • Protecting the natural environment

Purposes challenged by the public

  • Proving a forum for debate
  • Promoting social justice and human rights

[Information from report by Geraldine Kendall on the Museums Association website]